Me Practice Maine Five Test Permit Me Practice Maine Five Test Permit
You think that it's time to make a change in your life and get a driving license. Where do you start? You can start right here. No we don't mean “fill out an application, include a proof...Maine Permit Practice Test Five | ME

Me Practice Maine Five Test Permit

Enable scanning of various identity documents
in your app or website.


Enable superior UX with intelligent data extraction for identity documents.


BlinkID mobile SDK and Web API is the most efficient first step in customer registration and onboarding processes. It uses a mobile or web camera to scan IDs, driver's licenses, passports, work permits, visas, and other identity documents. 

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Supported documents

Me Practice Maine Five Test BlinkID supports all documents containing MRZ (Machine Readable Zone), which includes most passports and IDs. IDs and driver's licenses with the PDF417 barcode are also supported. For certain documents, complete data extraction is available for both the front and back side of the document.

For inquiries regarding support for any particular document or country, please contact our sales team.

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USA, Canada, and Latin America

BlinkID enables effortless scanning of all driver's licenses containing PDF417 barcode, meaning DLs in all states in the USA, Canada, and some countries in Latin America are supported. It can also extract the face photo from the front side of the DL.

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Southeast Asia

BlinkID enables seamless automated data capture from all Malaysian documents, including MyKad, iKad, MyTentera, MyKAS, and MyPR.
We also support scanning of Singaporean ID (both sides) and driver's license (front side), as well as the front side of Hong Kong and Indonesian IDs.

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  • Real-time data extraction
  • Offline, on-device processing for maximum security
  • 150+ countries supported
  • Front and back side data capture and comparison
  • Image extraction of the face, document, and signature photo
  • Compatible with all verification and biometric solutions

WATCH HOW IT WORKS (YouTube 0:24) 

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What is MRZ or MRTD?

MRZ is an abbreviation for Machine Readable Zone, whereas MRTD refers to Machine Readable Travel Document. MRZ is a format found on most passports and identity documents worldwide. It contains the document holder's data in a form which is both visually readable and encoded with optical character recognition. Built on the latest advances in machine learning, BlinkID enables scanning of MRZ with unsurpassed accuracy and speed.

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What is PDF417?

PDF417 is the most commonly used 2D barcode format because it's an efficient and secure way to store large amounts of data. It is used on a great number of identity & travel documents across the world. BlinkID supports data extraction from any document containing the PDF417 format.