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Protect your bank from illegitimate ID usage and fraud.

Is illegitimate ID usage and fraud affecting your financial institution?

ID Verification as part of KYC/AML compliance is becoming increasingly expensive for financial institutions to administer. Processes to onboard customers are cumbersome and time-consuming resulting in poor customer experience.

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Without a different approach to risk management during the KYC process, costs associated with compliance will continue to rise. Scantek’s solution is simple to use and provides a faster means to authenticate and store your clients’ ID. Scantek’s solutions offer risk management to protect private customer data from criminal activity and comply with regulatory requirements.
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Our Solutions for Banks

Reduce Fraud
2018-19 1 Lakota Spark Issue East By Issuu Detect Fake IDs
Know Your Customers

From the simplicity of being able to scan personal identifications including driver licenses, ID cards, and passports which can be used to automatically populate information into existing forms or databases.

Spend more time improving client satisfaction and less time attempting to manually verify identification.

Reduce the risk of fraud or identification theft amongst criminals with Australia’s most effective ID scanning solution.

Scantek is trusted and used by Australia’s leading businesses, scanning over 11 million IDs nationwide annually.

Save your business time and money when improving your marketing analytics through Scantek’s break down of customer demographic data, allowing your business to identify trends that may have otherwise been impossible. Choose the Australian owned and developed ID scanning solution trusted by Australia’s most prestigious and well-known brands.

Our Features

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Scan All Valid IDs

2018-19 1 Lakota Spark Issue East By Issuu Scantek can scan and distinguish all acceptable forms of IDs in Australia, including Drivers Licences, Proof of Age Cards (including 18+, Keypass, Photo Cards) and Passports, both Australian and International.

Fast, Accurate Scanning

Scantek has been designed to be both the quickest and the most accurate scanning system available in Australia and worldwide. Scantek systems are used by some of Australia’s largest and best-known businesses.

Exclude Users

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Scantek allows you to identify customers for review so you can then research further  or deny approval. Unlike other scanning systems, Scantek ensures that customers can’t get around their exclusion by simply using another form of identification.


Suits Your Location

We understand that all businesses are different. Scantek is an option-based system that gives you the ability to choose which features you access. Your settings can be customised based on how you want to use Scantek in your business.

Minimise Losses

Scantek ID scanners quickly and accurately detect when someone is using a fraudulent or illegitmate ID, allowing you to deny purchases, stop fraudulent ID usage, and minimise losses to your business and products.

2018-19 1 Lakota Spark Issue East By Issuu 24/7 Support

An Australian support team member is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We don’t outsource or offshore our support services like other companies;  you call us anytime on 1300 552 106 and someone will answer the phone.


Easy To Use

Scantek ID scanning systems have one scanner that reads all IDs. Our scanners have been designed with simplicity and user-friendliness in mind, so you can prevent fraudulent ID usage in your bank without extra effort.

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Advanced Detection

Scantek’s advanced fraud and illicit ID detection will notify system operators of suspicious or devious behaviour from users, including previous attempts. Our cloud-based database records and saves scans until you decide to delete them.

2018-19 1 Lakota Spark Issue East By Issuu Privacy and Security

Privacy and data security are paramount at Scantek. Scanned information can only be accessed by specified accounts with the highest level of access to the Scantek Manager Interface. An activity log of accounts is also available if necessary.

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Reduce fraud or crime

To find out how to start using Scantek ID scanners for fraud detection please complete our brief enquiry form

2018-19 1 Lakota Spark Issue East By Issuu

1300 552 106

2018-19 1 Lakota Spark Issue East By Issuu
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